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Hyphens, En Dashes and Em Dashes

When and Where to Use Hyphens A hyphen is a small dash and is the most frequently used of the three punctuation marks. It is mostly used to join words together. A simple example is joining two or more words that describe a noun when they appear before the noun, such as in the following … Read more

How to Write a Critical Review

When you are required to write a critical review, you will need to do two main things: summarise and evaluate a text. The critical review can be of a book, a chapter or a journal article. You are usually asked to read the selected text in detail and also other related texts in order to … Read more

8 Productivity Hacks for Writing Your Thesis

Eat the Frog First

Often considered the domain of tech entrepreneurs and lifestyle gurus, a few well-chosen productivity ‘hacks’ and habits can really boost your thesis and help you maintain momentum during your PhD. [thrive_2step id=’1378′]Bonus: Click here to download some printable motivational flashcards to help you maintain your productivity throughout the day[/thrive_2step] Eat Breakfast What do athletes, entrepreneurs, … Read more

7 Apps to Help You Write Your Thesis

The world of academia can be a little behind the world of technology, but by using just a few of these apps, you can help your thesis along immeasurably. Don’t install them all at once—it can get a bit overwhelming—but test out a couple and see what sticks. All apps listed are free to use. … Read more

Positive Redundancy: How to Use Repetition Effectively in Thesis Writing

No matter your field of research, completing a thesis is a lengthy and challenging undertaking. Once you begin actually writing your thesis, you might feel as though you’re endlessly repeating yourself as you reiterate your key findings and draw them back to your central argument. How do you know if that repetition is helping or hindering your work? … Read more

How to Paraphrase

Paraphrasing is a crucial skill in academic writing. It enables you to present the ideas of researchers and academics in your essay or paper in your own words and writing style, while providing a reference for where you found the information. Most importantly, it is a way to learn new information and prove to your … Read more