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University Life

2015 Elite Editing Thesis Write-up Scholarship Winner

After assessing hundreds of applications from Australia and New Zealand, Elite Editing is delighted to announce that the winner of the 2015 Thesis Write-up Scholarship is Guanyu Chen. Guanyu is completing a PhD entitled ‘Development and Optimisation of Novel Nanoparticulate Delivery Systems for Oral Delivery of Gemcitabine to Treat Cancer’ at the School of Pharmacy, … Read more

Where to Work on your Thesis in London

London is a huge, sometimes daunting city that people from all over the world call home. Students, in particular—whether born and bred in London, journeying from the further reaches of the UK or from other countries—find themselves in this vast metropolis to take advantage of the many exceptional universities (like the London School of Economics, … Read more

2014 Elite Editing Thesis Write-up Scholarship Winner

Elite Editing is very pleased to announce that the winner of the 2014 Thesis Write-up Scholarship is Lauren Rice. Ms Rice is completing a PhD entitled ‘Understanding the Nature of Temper Outbursts in Prader-Willi Syndrome’ at the Brain and Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney, under the supervision of Professor Stewart Einfeld, Professor Patricia Howlin, … Read more

Do You Suffer from Postgraduate Writers Block?

How many of the following ‘symptoms’ apply to you right now? avoiding getting started with writing doing vast amounts of research but not writing it up redrafting written work over and over again but still not being happy with it not finishing nearly completed written tasks avoiding showing written work to others, especially supervisors writing a … Read more

Shut Up and Write!

This is not a command from a particularly cranky and irritated supervisor, but an increasingly popular strategy used to facilitate short bursts of productive writing in a fun and social setting. ‘Fun’ and ‘social’ are not words students or academics generally use to describe the hard slog of the usually solitary pursuit of academic writing, … Read more