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Chapter & Abstract Editing & Proofreading Service

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Chapter & Abstract Editing and Proofreading Service

Elite Editing is Australia’s most experienced and expert online editing company, providing an exceptional online editing and proofreading service for abstracts as well as thesis and book chapters to academics, postgraduates and undergraduates. Our PhD-qualified editors are adept at editing, proofreading and formatting books, theses, excerpts and abstracts by students and academics from Australia and all over the world to the highest professional standards.

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Editing Excellence

Do you have a single chapter that needs more work to bring it up to the standard of the rest of your document or do you need feedback on a few chapters to progress with the rest of your thesis? Do you need an abstract edited to perfection for submission to a journal, conference organiser or supervisor? Or perhaps you have written a chapter to contribute to a multi-authored book? Elite Editing’s specialist editors will edit your chapters or abstract to the best possible standard, providing detailed feedback and tips for you to help you compose the rest of your thesis or book, or contribute to a multi-authored book.

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No matter your discipline, we have an editor for you and we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you meet the tightest deadlines. Recommended by universities and academics throughout the world, Elite Editing can be trusted to help you produce the best possible chapter, abstract, thesis or book, expressing your research clearly, succinctly and in the appropriate academic style and tone. We have years of experience in developing the layout, sentence structure and style of academic book and thesis chapters as well as abstracts, and we are adept at alerting you to holes in your argument or ways in which your chapter structure might be improved.

How we improve your document

Elite Editing hand picks its world-class editors from all academic disciplines, so you can be sure that your chapter or abstract will be edited by a specialist in your field. You will be assigned an editor who:

  • is a skilled wordsmith
  • is familiar with the range of academic formatting and referencing styles preferred by universities
  • is competent to advise you about the appropriate tone and language for your document
  • may have even have published articles or chapters in your field.

Your editor will go through your document to ensure that it is clearly and correctly worded and that it adheres to academic standards. They will check the layout of your chapter or abstract and format it to the style of your choosing, ensuring that it conforms to university and industry guidelines, as appropriate. They will make the tone, style, keywords and language of your chapter or abstract consistent, pointing out any inconsistencies that may need to be corrected throughout the rest of your thesis or book.

If your chapter has previously been published as a journal article, our editors can skilfully convert it to part of a longer piece of work, subtly adjusting the wording where necessary to achieve the slightly different tone of a dissertation, monograph or textbook. They will relabel all tables and figures to conform to your chapter numbering and alert you to any cross references that may need to be checked against other chapters.

Proofreading service

For documents that require only a very light touch to ensure conformity, consistency and compliance, Elite Editing offers a proofreading service that focuses on removing typos and ensuring uniformity of style. While this service is not usually recommended for students or academics writing in English as an additional language, we are always willing to review your chapter or abstract to recommend the most appropriate level of service for you.

Academic integrity

Whenever we edit the work of students, Elite Editing follows the Guidelines for Editing Research Theses, which your university will also endorse, and the Australian Standards for Editing Practice. Whether you are a student or an academic, you can be sure that Elite Editing will treat your work with absolute integrity. We never seek to modify or improve the meaning of your sentences; on the contrary we work to ensure that your meaning is expressed as clearly as possible. In this way, you can be certain that your chapter or abstract remains all your own work.


If you require an academic editor for your chapter(s) or abstract who is acquainted with your specific field, who understands the university system and requirements and who can cast a fresh pair of expert eyes over your writing, contact Elite Editing today. We are reasonably priced, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we are simply Australia’s most skilled, experienced and trusted editors.

or call: 1800 246 558

What Our Clients Have to Say

I had my 70,000-word PhD thesis edited promptly and to an exceptional standard by Elite Editing. It sped up my completion date and helped me finish on time, which is the most important thing. The service was fantastic with excellent communication; so I was informed at each stage of the process. I would recommend Elite Editing to everyone, especially those who are close to completing their thesis.

Dr Susannah Ritchie, PhD (Law and Management), La Trobe University

Dr Susannah Ritchie, PhD

Thank you for the services provided with editing my PhD thesis. Your professionalism and high quality work were greatly appreciated and helped make this stressful time for me easier and more manageable. Quick turnaround times and a high level of service and communication made this a valuable and smooth process for me. I would definitely recommend your services to others for PhDs, manuscripts or other important writing.

Dr Kim Dalziel, Senior Research Fellow, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of South Australia

Dr Kim Dalziel

Our Editing Team

We are proud to introduce our stellar academic editing team. As Australia’s largest academic editing service, we have too many editors to list them all here. These are the profiles of a small selection from our large group of talented editors.

Dr Ellen Mcrae - Elite Editing

Dr Ellen McRae

Managing Editor

Rachel Wheeler - Elite Editing

Rachel Wheeler

Managing Editor

Dr Sherilyn Goldstone - Elite Editing

Dr Sherilyn Goldstone

Senior Editor

Dr Avan Stallard - Elite Editing

Dr Avan Stallard


We’re here to help

If you have any questions at all about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

or call: 1800 246 558

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