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English Editing for Italian Students

Your academic career is your future. So this is the last area in which you want to sacrifice quality over cost. We work closely with universities around the world, including the University of Verona, to keep abreast of their guidelines and ensure their students and academics get the highest quality services possible.

We are proud to work extensively with the University of Verona as they recognise our world-class editing services. Unlike many of our general editing competitors, we specialise in academic editing, including journal articles, books, grant applications and more for academics, plus undergraduate essays and assignments, postgraduate theses and dissertations for students.

You can engage Elite Editing with absolute confidence because we are an Australian company offering many service advantages, such as:

  • Handpicked, highly qualified, native English speaking editors
  • Proper training and oversight of our editors
  • Established academic integrity

We’re experienced in serving customers from Italy and, therefore, can offer the following conveniences:

  • Multiple payment options in euros
  • Correct Italian university invoicing process
  • 24/7 support.

Anyone can become an editor online, and there are many companies offering poor-quality editing and proofreading at low prices. There are also thousands of freelance editors with inadequate qualifications and/or poor training in the very skilled and difficult task of academic editing. You need an editing business that is very selective in their choice of editors (only one in 20 of applicants to Elite are accepted), and that provides its editors with proper training and oversight. This is what makes Elite Editing such a trusted provider of academic editing and proofreading services.

We can provide quotations and billing in any currency. Please email us now at for a quotation, or if you have any questions.

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