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SACE 2 – English Communications Task 2

This file is one of the most popular on our website. We originally took it down as we no longer offer academic editing for high school students but we decided to put it back up for anyone who’s still interested in the material. Enjoy.

SACE 2 – English Communications Task 2 Novel: The Divine Wind By Gary Disher

Gary Disher’s novel, The Divine Wind, is set in the typically Australian town of Broome, in the period prior to and during World War II (WWII). The central characters, Hart, Alice and Mitsy allow Disher to explore and establish themes regarding the numerous relationships in society. Friendship is the first type of relationship to be examined. Disher demonstrates that, as time goes on, the foundations upon which friendships are made do not always prove strong enough to last. Other types of relationships investigated are those relating to love. A central theme of the novel is that of prejudice, which is examined through the relationships between white Australian citizens and people of other ethnicities, primarily Aboriginal and Asian. The novel also delves into the theme of loyalty, which is best demonstrated through the period during WWII.

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