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Academic Editing – Journals & Manuscripts

Academic editing takes the sweat out of producing word-perfect work. Clear and correct communication of ideas is essential to producing high quality research and achieving publication. Yet it is often difficult to stand back and proofread your own writing. Elite Editing helps eliminate the risk of your hard work being misinterpreted or misrepresented by inaccuracies. Our experienced academic editors ensure the language and style of your writing is as precise as possible. This leaves you free to concentrate on those crucial ideas that win you top qualifications—and publication.

Our academic editing and proofreading service skilfully covers:

  • journal articles, abstracts and book reviews
  • chapters, books and manuscripts
  • conference and research papers
  • grant and funding applications
  • job applications and applications for academic promotion
  • all other types of academic documents.

Elite Editing places academic editors at your fingertips 24/7 for 365 days of the year. Available when you need us for fast, efficient turnaround. You will find our service excellent value for money too.

Specialist academic editors

Academic writing has many unique style and formatting conventions. At Elite Editing, your work will be reviewed by specialist editors well versed in these principles. Many of our editors are also qualified academics, having personally achieved PhD status. This means we know exactly what to correct in your work without damaging the integrity of your arguments. These we skilfully correct without disturbing your unique voice.

Meet some of our editors here on our site to learn more.

Choose Elite Editing for unrivalled academic advantage

Our editors will thoroughly edit and proofread your work and do much more besides. We significantly increase your chance at publication and offer suggestions to improve your academic writing. Importantly, our academic editors also do the time-intensive legwork for you, as we:

  • correct all grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • ensure appropriate tone and language rules apply throughout
  • identify or eliminate repetition, redundancy and ambiguity
  • check logical flow and organisation of ideas
  • ensure accurate use of vocabulary, paragraphs, tense and sentence structure
  • identify weak arguments and unsubstantiated assertions
  • achieve compliance with all major style manuals, including APA, Chicago and more.

Elite Editing even provides expert coaching to improve your academic writing going forward. Our editors return each piece of reviewed work with a comprehensive letter. Here, we explain our changes to your document and give advice on how to make further improvements.

Substantive editing

Your chances of publication and career prospects hinge not only on the quality of your research but also on the quality of the academic writing that communicates that research. For this reason, your hard work needs to excel in accuracy, clarity and cohesion. Trust Elite Editing’s substantive editing service to perfect each.

Academic work sits in a class of its own. Your work will be submitted to publishers, peer-reviewed journals, conferences, funding bodies and at times relevant industries. That means academic writers have editing needs distinct from those of university students. Elite Editing follows the ‘Guidelines for Editing Research Theses’

when working on documents for students, so this service is not available to them. But our substantive editing provides a niche service designed to meet the unique requirements of academics.

Substantive editing is an ideal choice if you:

  • have English as your second language
  • find English communication challenging in academic contexts
  • need more in-depth, substantive and structural assistance than our standard editing service can provide
  • are too time-poor to thoroughly vet your work for structural and stylistic accuracy
  • struggle with adhering to academic formatting and referencing conventions
  • need an editor to significantly improve the overall quality of your writing.

What sets substantive editing apart?

Substantive editing drills deeper than standard comprehensive editing. This advanced service is designed to give your work an intensive overhaul. Our PhD-qualified editors deliver the finest possible output by perfecting your work at all levels, including:

  • Structure: organisation of sections, flow & presentation of arguments
  • Content: precise articulation, substantiation & consistency of arguments
  • Language: correct expression of the English language & appropriate academic tone
  • Style: accuracy in spelling, punctuation, grammar, tense & sentence structure
  • Format: uncompromising adherence to referencing & formatting requirements

We can even rewrite sections of your work if required to achieve:

  • tighter, more compelling content
  • logical interpretation of research
  • elimination of obsolete or irrelevant information
  • unity of structure, arguments, reasoning & conclusions.

Substantive editing service: Special price structure

Substantive editing stands apart in every way. From an academic perspective, it’s the most value-adding form of editing available. For editors, substantive editing is the most time- and labour-intensive process. Therefore, substantive editing demands a unique cost framework. Simply send us a copy of your academic work together with an outline of the assistance you require. We’ll give you a quote based on your individual needs.

Put standout academic editing to work now

Improve the quality of your academic writing instantly. Contact Elite Editing for flawless academic editing and proofreading today. Or would you like to know more before you proceed? There is plenty of helpful information right here on our website. Our frequently asked questions will address many of your key queries. You can even hear what others think of us by reading some client testimonials.

Elite Editing: The intelligent choice

  • World-class, PhD-qualified academic editors reviewing your work
  • Constant availability: academic editors on hand 24/7, 365 days of the year
  • Experienced coaching: expert guidance to improve your academic writing
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: our academic editors work until you are happy
  • Absolute delivery guarantee: we never miss a deadline, or our copyediting is free
  • Fast, accurate academic editing: special Urgent Service meets your tightest deadlines
  • Value for money: best possible academic editing for lowest possible price
  • Upfront pricing: clear quotes & inclusions at the outset mean no surprises
  • Road-tested academic editing: see our testimonials by satisfied clients
  • Trusted reputation: university professors, lecturers & tutors recommend us

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 1 reviews
 by Adam Karg

Elite Editing provided a very professional level of communications and timely delivery of our manuscript. The detail and time taken was clear and comments helpful around content, grammar and formatting relative to our target journal,. Overall it added great value to our process.