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Fiction Editing and Proofreading Services

Here is a novel idea. Stand out among the throngs of publication hopefuls with a submission of stellar standards. Fiction editing helps your manuscript land that all important publishing deal with pristine creativity and flawless writing.

Editing Excellence

So what are academic editors doing turning their hand to fiction editing, you may ask. At Elite Editing, our experienced editors know the fiction and publishing field extremely well. Indeed, our fiction editors are published authors and novelists themselves, with tertiary qualifications in creative writing. We understand that this industry is wholly distinct from academic editing. That’s why we bring the meticulousness of our eagle-eyed academic editing to your fictional works plus all the fresh originality and creative communication the publishing industry demands.


Fiction Editing Proofreading Australia

The Best Service You Can Get

Constant Availability

Academic editors on hand 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Trusted Reputation

University professors, lecturers & tutors recommend us.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our academic editors work until you are happy.

Absolute Delivery Guarantee

We never miss a deadline, or our copyediting is free.

Trust and Experience

It’s no secret that the print publishing industry is struggling, and manuscripts need to be of a much higher quality than in the past to even get a second glance. That’s why more and more writers are having their work edited prior to submission, rather than expecting a publisher to take care of it later.

Fiction editing sized to fit you

Your manuscript is unique. No literary or mainstream fiction will ever be quite like it. So we tailor our fiction editing services to suit your individual needs. No matter what your style, our fiction editing service ensures your manuscript boasts:

  • correct word use, spelling & punctuation
  • consistent execution of words & tense
  • no incongruous tone, verb tenses or word choice
  • well-structured sentences & paragraphs.

But publication-worthy manuscripts encompass more than word-perfect content alone. Elite Editing can give compelling communication to your creative ideas. Let us know if there are certain areas of your manuscript that you’d like our editors to assist you with. Or hand us creative licence to help improve both your manuscript and your writing talent. Our fiction editors can provide advice and suggestions as to:

  • the all-important issues of premise, dilemma, crisis, complications, climax & resolution
  • compelling pace, plot, characterisation & overall narrative arc
  • effective storytelling & scene setting
  • tone & style of prose & dialogue
  • continuity, time line & factual accuracy
  • compliant manuscript formatting to standard publishing industry requirements.

Keep pace with the changing face of fiction publication

Fiction publishing is a tough character to reckon with these days. Publishers have become inundated with drafts, making them time and patience poor. No longer will publishers or literary agents invest in auspicious fiction expressed through sub-par writing. So even if your submission is promising, you are more likely to get a rejection than a request to redraft.

Anyone plotting publication needs a protagonist to champion their hard work. Here is where our specialist fiction editing comes into play. Elite Editing gives you the best shot at publication success by improving your manuscript with superb editorial expertise before an agent or publisher sees it.

First-class fiction editors

Fiction writing is an art, and editing is a science. At Elite Editing, our experience with both will bring out the best in your work. Our fiction editors are PhD qualified in creative writing. They have personally achieved publication themselves so are well versed in industry standards and expectations. In fact, many of our team have worked as editors for major publishing houses in Australia and worldwide. That means we deliver finely tuned fiction manuscripts while keeping the unique voice of your work in impeccable tact.

Fastidious fiction editing: That’s the story

Begin a new chapter of improved publication prospects right away. Contact Elite Editing today for flawless fiction editing that impresses publishers. Or would you like to know more about us before you proceed? There is plenty of helpful information right here on our website. Check out our frequently asked questions or read some client testimonials.

Attention, creative writing students

Not all education institutions are on the same page about creative writing students using professional editing services. Before engaging Elite Editing, please confirm that you are permitted to use our services for your creative writing project. Should you use our services without necessary permission? Elite Editing shall not be held liable for any subsequent action your institution should choose to take.

Elite Editing: First choice for fiction editing—that’s a fact

  • World class editors with creative writing PhDs reviewing your fiction
  • Constant availability: fiction editors on hand 24/7, 365 days of the year
  • Experienced coaching: expert guidance to boost your publication prospects
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: our fiction editors work until you are happy
  • Absolute delivery guarantee: we never miss a deadline, or our fiction editing is free
  • Fast, accurate fiction editing: Urgent Service meets your tightest submission or publication deadlines
  • Value for money: best possible fiction editing for lowest possible price
  • Upfront pricing: clear quotes & inclusions at the outset mean no surprises
  • Road-tested fiction editing: see our testimonials by satisfied clients
  • Valuable experience: our fiction editors are published writers, have tertiary qualifications in creative writing and have worked in major publishing houses

We're here to help!

If you have any questions at all about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help. 

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