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Quality Assurance

Tenacious quality assurance keeps academic editing honest. Certainly, customer satisfaction and efficient delivery are important service cornerstones. That is why Elite Editing guarantees both. But these factors alone are highly process driven. We take the same approach to quality assurance as we do to editing: end-to-end service that is beyond reproach. So when you work with Elite Editing, you have the peace of mind of a rigorous quality assurance system. In other words, an impeccable academic editing service on paper and off.

Quality assurance tailor-made for academic editing

Academic editing is not regulated by any industry quality standards but, for Elite Editing, absolute quality control is our service foundation. So we have designed and implemented a quality assurance system to ensure our academic editing spearheads industry best practice.

Our state-of-the art quality assurance system is tailored specifically to academic editing. Your every service requirement is covered by:

  • a dedicated management team who ensure quality processes are always practised
  • handpicked academic editors who satisfy stringent quality assessment
  • quality checks of editor’s work by our managing editors
  • regular evaluation and training to keep our academic editing staff among the world’s best
  • rigorous service benchmarking to identify best practice and drive continuous improvement
  • clear procedure in the rare event of an unsatisfied client
  • instant corrective action in response to any arising mistake
  • corporate membership of IPEd and strict adherence to its guidelines.

Proven system aside, we recognise that the best gauge of our quality assurance standards is you. That’s why Elite Editing regularly gathers client feedback to review and improve upon our academic editing service.

Clear resolution process

Even the most rigorous quality assurance system is not foolproof. It is rare that a client may consider our academic editing to have left the service brief unsatisfied. Yet if you consider this to be the case, we take your concerns very seriously. You have full access to our complaint resolution process, which goes as follows:

  • Advise Elite Editing of your concerns in writing (by email).
  • Elite Editing comprehensively analyses your academic document & any reviewer comments.
  • All errors relevant to our editing work are counted to determine the quality score.
  • Corrective action follows, which may include free document revision or section-specific re-editing.
  • Preventative procedures are immediately devised and implemented to stop this hitch happening again.

Elite Editing is pleased to provide our clients with the highest level of academic editing. Our custom designed quality assurance system provides superior service to both your work and yourself.

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