English as a Second Language


‘Thank you so much for your feedback on this document. It was very helpful and very constructive. I appreciate this service immensely’.

Dr Josephine Palermo, Organisational and Industrial Psychology, Deakin University and President, Australasian Association for Institutional Research


‘As academics, we are experts in our field. However, I believe we often forget that being an expert in Political Science, for example, does not mean we are also experts at editing our own work. I consistently hire Elite Editing  to edit my articles before submitting them to journals for consideration. It is much more economical to do this first rather than receive a reply from a journal requesting revisions prior to their acceptance of the article.’

Lecturer in Political Science


‘The last phase of the doctoral process is usually highly stressful for even the best students. Elite Editing can provide your student with the assurance that an independent reader has helped clarify their argument and their English expression.’

Professor Robert Pascoe, Dean Laureate and Professor of History, Victoria University


‘As an early career researcher, getting published is my main priority. I had to submit my first journal article to six different journals before it was accepted for publication! Of course, each time I needed to re-format the article and change the referencing style in order to bring the article in line with the guidelines for that specific journal. Instead of spending hours doing this each time, I hired an editor at Elite Editing to do it for me. That way I could concentrate on writing my next article and the process of getting published for the first time was much easier and less time consuming.’

Lecturer in Sociology


‘As an academic at an Italian university, I am experiencing increasing pressure to publish in English. This is not easy for me as English is my second language. At first I was hesitant to hire a company from Australia to edit my journal articles. However, Elite Editing have proven themselves to be professional, trustworthy and completely reliable. I am able to make payment easily through PayPal and they even work through the night to be able to contact me during my working hours. Several of my colleagues have begun to hire them also, after my recommendation.’

Associate Professor of Economics


‘Publication is obviously critical in academia and it is becoming ever more important as competition for jobs increases. After being rejected by several publishers for problems with language and writing style (English is my second language), I chose to hire Elite Editing to edit my monograph prior to submitting it to publishers for their consideration. The editor was truly dedicated to improving my manuscript and the result was very pleasing. Several publishers have since shown interest in my book and I will be signing a contract shortly.’

Lecturer in History


‘Honestly, I have never recommended Elite Editing to any of my colleagues because I am unwilling to let anyone in my department know that I use a professional editor. I think there is a bit of a stigma attached to it and many academics do not wish to admit that their work could be improved by professional editing. I sincerely hope that this changes in the future. I initially used Elite Editing to edit my PhD thesis and I have continued to use them since gaining employment as an academic. I really feel there is value in having important pieces of research edited, such as published conference papers or journal articles.’

Lecturer in Social Work

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Photo of Susannah Ritchie

‘I had my 70,000-word PhD thesis edited promptly and to an exceptional standard by Elite Editing. It sped up my completion date and helped me finish on time, which is the most important thing. The service was fantastic with excellent communication; so I was informed at each stage of the process. I would recommend Elite Editing to everyone, especially those who are close to completing their thesis.’

Dr Susannah Ritchie, PhD (Law and Management), La Trobe University





Photo of Dr Yin Lu Ng

‘My experience with Elite Editing was fabulous! I couldn’t thank them enough for their professional and highly efficient service. My PhD thesis would not have been completed at the pace that it was without them. I appreciated not only the professional help that was given throughout, but also the continuous support and encouragement from the editor. With no exception, I would receive a speedy response from the editor whenever I had a burning question about my writing. I gained new knowledge each time that I communicated with her, not to mention the lessons I learned from the feedback and comments she gave me in my edited thesis chapters. Elite Editing has inspired and motivated me to produce better writing. I have already recommended Elite Editing to my fellow PhD colleagues and will definitely continue to do so.’

Dr Yin Lu Ng, PhD (Business and Management), University of South Australia



Photo of Dr Kim Dalziel

‘Thank you for the services provided with editing my PhD thesis. Your professionalism and high quality work were greatly appreciated and helped make this stressful time for me easier and more manageable. Quick turnaround times and a high level of service and communication made this a valuable and smooth process for me. I would definitely recommend your services to others for PhDs, manuscripts or other important writing.’

Dr Kim Dalziel, Senior Research Fellow, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of South Australia





Photo of Charles Ong

‘From the initial enquiry to the editing service and post-delivery response, the team at Elite Editing were prompt and helpful in addressing my concerns and provided professional advice that contributed to a pleasant experience. On the whole, the services provided by Elite Editing surpassed my expectations!’

Charles Ong, PhD (Business & Management), International Graduate School of Business, University of South Australia





‘I am just writing to express my sincere gratitude for your amazing and professional service, which not only helped me complete my postgraduate thesis, but also helped me to win the highest award for research into the field of animation. I was completely blown away by the fast response I received and the constructive feedback. Your ability to work to such tight deadlines was incredible and your suggestions and corrections only enhanced my document further. I have since passed on your details to all my colleagues who are currently in their final years of study and could not speak highly enough of you. I look forward to using your services again and I am confident that in doing so it will only produce outstanding and professional results.’

Nasser Samman, Masters of Creative Media (Animation and Interactive Media) with Honours


‘I have gained my PhD degree, thanks to Elite Editing. English is my second language and I always battle to produce highly polished and flawless English. Elite Editing has been a major support in helping me to improve my academic writing. This service is vital if you really want to upgrade your writing skills and produce better written assignments and theses. Some of my writing will be published internationally this year and many people will read my writing. Elite Editing is a very important part of that success. It is a great relief knowing that there is, indeed, a good editing service like Elite Editing.’

Young, PhD (Fine Arts)


‘Thank you for doing such a phenomenal job on editing my thesis! I was unsure whether I should actually spend the money to have it edited and I must say, you have made it worth my while! The last few months have been rushed so the referencing in particular was quite messy but the fact that you’ve corrected that for me has been an incredible time saver. The fact that you’re also willing to make changes after the process (like adjusting appendices) is remarkable too. You have exceeded my expectations. The effort and attention to detail is consistent throughout.’

Alicia, PhD (Business), University of South Australia


‘When I wrote my thesis it was a new activity for me because I actually did not have any experience in English academic writing. The service of Elite Editing greatly assisted me by editing my thesis. Their service not only improved my mark, but also improved my ability to write. This is because Elite Editing didn’t just edit my work, the editor also gave detailed comments on it. Thus, I learned how to write an academic paper in the right way.’

Aditya Rachman, International Student, Wollongong University


‘My supervisor is great. But there is only so much time that he has to devote to my thesis. In addition to myself and four other PhD students, he has other Masters and Honours students to supervise in Law. He does not have the time to sit there checking grammar, syntax and expression, correctness and flow in sentences and paragraphs, making sure that everything is consistent. Trusting Elite Editing to get the job done not only saved me days of tedious editing but the increase in presentation and formatting is sure to win me those important marks at the top end scale for my Honours thesis. My editor was meticulously thorough in every aspect of the editing process. From footnote corrections, from grammar and syntax, and sentence re-structuring; every aspect was worth the money.’

John Avtzalanidis, Honours in Law


‘Thank you so very, very much! You did such a fabulous job, I am extremely happy =) Thank you for the tips as well … I must say I am completely speechless right now, what a remarkable job you did: nothing short of a miracle!! You are one talented lady! It’s been a crazy few days, but it seems to have worked out just great. Again, a million times thank you!! I had better hurry up so I can hand this thesis in – FINALLY =)’

Masters by research student


‘As a Masters student, nothing was more important to me than doing the best job I could on my thesis. Once I had done absolutely everything I could, I knew it was important to hire a professional editor to take my thesis to the next level. After editing, the formatting and referencing were perfect, the thesis was written in clear and precise language, all my grammatical and punctuation errors were removed and everything was consistent and organised. The editor even pointed out that I had left out one of the sections and commented on a few ways I could make my argument more convincing by providing more detail. I am so thankful to my editor and will continue to use Elite Editing when I go on to do my PhD.’

Masters of Nursing Science

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Photo of Aimee Fairhead

‘Without Elite Editing, I would not have been able to achieve as much as I have this year. I have significantly improved my grades as a result of their professional editing. The service is extremely valuable. I have learnt to improve my essay writing and research skills ‘

Aimee Fairhead, Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice







Photo of Katherine

‘I used Elite Editing throughout my degree to edit my essays, reports and assignments. It was one of the best moves I made while studying. I can always rely on their high quality editing and trust I will receive my documents on time, which is great to know because I had some very tight deadlines! I have also had them edit my cover letter and CV with great results. I highly recommend them to anybody who wants to improve the quality of their written work.’

Katherine, Bachelor of Interior Architecture




‘This was my first university essay for twenty-five years and computers/word processing have changed (and greatly lifted!) standards and requirements. I was so thrilled to see my work set out beautifully with referencing errors corrected and visually appealing indents, dot points and so on. The personal, specific feedback was invaluable too! The polite and immediate response to my initial nervous enquiry was backed up by fast and professional service. Thank you!’

Venita Williams, Undergraduate


‘I decided to complete a certificate course in nursing 20 years after completing my degree. I found that I was struggling to get the essays right and had to repeat one due to incorrect referencing. I work full time, have small children and was struggling to find the time to do the course let alone repeat parts of it. In frustration, I surfed the net and found websites that write the essays for you. I must admit, I contemplated it, but would not have been able to live with myself if I didn’t write the essay myself. I found Elite Editing and never looked back. Not only did they edit my work brilliantly, but they also sent me a sheet detailing improvements I could make. I used this service for every essay and found I saved countless hours struggling to write and reference perfectly. I passed my course easily and would recommend this service to anyone. It was so easy to write the essay and then send it for editing and get back an essay ready to hand in. I am extremely satisfied.’

Anne, Nursing Certificate


‘I have been using Elite Editing for almost a year, and I am very happy with the editing service. When I first used Elite Editing, I deliberately placed minor grammar and punctuation errors (that an ordinary native speaker would be unable to notice) into my work and the editor corrected them. The editors are experienced and I trust their editing. Professional and experienced editors will never edit the content of your work and they pay great attention to detail. The editors have provided useful comments that have helped me to improve my work and writing. By using Elite Editing, I have become a more confident and better writer. Elite Editing is my number one choice if I need my work professionally edited.’

David M. Tran, Bachelor of Sustainable Environments


‘THANK YOU so much! I absolutely appreciate all that you have done for me with this assignment. I will read carefully what has changed and take note on all that I can learn from the style of writing. Once again thank you and YES I will definitely be using your service again very soon!’

Undergraduate student


‘I have been using Elite Editing throughout my Bachelor’s degree. As an ESL student, it’s really important to me that someone edits my work properly before I hand it in, so that my English skills don’t impact on my ability to put forward my ideas and arguments. I use Elite Editing because they have fast turnaround times, their editors are excellent and they are always willing to provide extra help when I need it. They have taught me how to organise my essays properly, how to reference and how to find academic sources. I wouldn’t be passing my subjects if it wasn’t for them.’

Mei Chen, Bachelor of Psychology


‘When I first decided to use Elite Editing’s online editing service, it was because it was the cheapest professional site I could find. The first time I hired them to edit an essay for me, they returned it a day early, gave me a five page letter from the editor explaining mistakes I had made and how I could do better next time and the Tracked Changes version of my essay showed that they had spent hours and hours fixing up every single mistake in my essay. I was so impressed that I have used them ever since and my grades have really improved.’

Jason, Bachelor of Business


‘I would recommend Elite Editing to anyone. They are just like they say in their ads: faster, cheaper and more qualified than any other editing service in Australia. I would also add just plain better.’

Rebecca, Bachelor of Nursing


‘Elite Editing are fantastic. They really, really help me with all of my essays and I couldn’t get such high grades without them. They always reply to my emails straight away and they obviously really care about students. I use their Urgent Service all the time. Once I had to send them an essay at 2am and I needed it back by 7am so I could go over it and make the changes the editor suggested before handing it in at 9am. Not only did I get the essay back in time (actually at 6:30am!) but they did an amazing job editing it, as always.’

Todd McKenzie, Bachelor of Arts

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English as a Second Language

‘When I came to Australia to do my PhD, I had no idea how much my English would affect my studies. I was working so hard and giving drafts to my supervisor but he did not understand them because my English was so bad. I decided to hire an editor to work with me for the whole degree. I sent my chapters one by one to Elite Editing to edit before I gave them to my supervisor. Then my supervisor could read them and give me important feedback on my research and information. Then I made changes my supervisor suggested. At the end I gave my whole thesis to Elite Editing to edit again, to fix up the English in the changes I made and to present the whole thing properly. They even gave me a big discount because they had already edited the chapters before, even though I had made changes to them. I think they are fantastic and I wouldn’t have been able to hand over my thesis to the university without them.’

Mohammed Sayed, PhD Engineering


‘My parents had to save a lot of money to send me to university in Australia. At the end of my first semester I was ashamed to tell them that I had failed two subjects. It was because my English was not good enough. I was very worried to start my second semester because even though I was trying hard to improve my English, my writing had not gotten better. Then my friend who is also from China told me about Elite Editing. He said they had helped him to get better marks by editing his essays. I tried them for my first essay in Semester 2. I was so happy with how much better my essay was and I got my first credit at university. They gave me lots of help and advice all semester. I asked them many questions about how to write a proper university essay and asked many grammar questions. They always answered my questions. Every time I got an essay edited I learnt from my mistakes and tried not to make them again. With lots of hard work and editing by Elite Editing, I was able to pass all my subjects. My parents were so happy!’

Hui Zhong, Bachelor of Arts


‘I just received another edited essay back from Elite Editing and once again I am so pleased with their work. The editor always makes my essays sound so much better and removes all the mistakes. The editor can always understand what I am trying to say and make sure it is clear and written without errors. Elite Editing has the best and most caring editors. I recommend them to all my friends.’

Lily, Bachelor of International Studies


‘Elite Editing is the best editing service for ESL students. Their prices are good, they care very much about their students, they always meet their deadlines and the editing they do for ESL students is amazing. When most people can’t understand what you want to say because your English is bad, the editors at Elite Editing know just how to fix your writing so your meaning is clear. All my friends use their service.’

John, Bachelor of Commerce (International Business)

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‘As a company that provides Virtual Assistants to businesses all over the world, our sole method of advertising is through the internet. Our website is the only way we are able to reach customers globally. Thus, it is vital that our website is professional and written with accuracy and clarity. It is the first point of contact that our customers have with us and in 99% of cases, customers decide if they will hire us or not during their first visit to our website. First impressions count. For this reason, I hired Elite Editing to edit the content on every page of our site. I was shocked at the extent to which the editor was able to improve the site and how many errors she corrected. I realised that we must have been losing business as a result of advertising to customers with a website that contained so many errors. After uploading the edited content and making further improvements to the site suggested by the editor, Google Analytics shows that our bounce rate has decreased and customers are staying on our site for longer. Our business has improved noticeably with many new customers.’

Business Owner and Manager

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