What are your hours of operation? Do you work over the weekend?

How do I submit a document?

How can I contact you?

Will you write my essay, assignment or thesis for me?

Do I need an editor who is an expert in my specific field?

How much time will you spend on my document?

Pricing and Payment

What methods of payment do you accept?

I’ve found a cheaper website. Why should I choose Elite Editing?

How do I know which service to select?

How do I find my word count?

For Undergraduates

How will using your service improve my grades?

For Postgraduate Students

Do you have experience editing Honours, Masters or PhD theses?

Will my university allow me to have my thesis professionally edited?

Will my university pay for me to have my thesis professionally edited?

My thesis is very well written, do I really need editing?

For ESL Students

English is my second language, how can you help me?

Referencing and Formatting

Can you correct my referencing?

Is formatting included in your editing service?

Do I need to include my references in the word count for editing?

For Business

Do you provide editing services for businesses?

Privacy and Security

I’m wary of online businesses. Is it safe to use your service?

Will anyone else know I’m using your service, or be able to see my document?

Thesis Write-up Scholarship

Will my application and all documents that I upload be kept confidential?

I am studying part time. Am I eligible?

I have to write a thesis but my degree is by coursework, not research. Am I eligible?

I’m not eligible for the Thesis Write-up Scholarship. Will you be offering others?

Do I really have to upload all of the sections of my thesis that I have written so far?

I have not yet written any sections of my thesis or I haven’t written very much of it. Is this ok?

Which academic transcripts do I need to provide for my application?

I held another scholarship that has now ended, am I still eligible to apply?

What should the letter from my supervisor say?

I am studying overseas, can I still apply?

If I am awarded the scholarship, would I have obligations towards Elite Editing?