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Guaranteed client satisfaction and academic editing delivery! In the highly subjective field of academic research, there are few certainties. But Elite Editing offers service assurance you can rely on.

Using a professional academic editing service is an intelligent move. It is also a big investment of faith in your chosen editors. At Elite Editing, we are genuinely committed to delivering superior academic editing on time and on brief. We fully stand by our work and service. That’s why a 100 per cent satisfaction and delivery guarantee applies to every project we undertake. So we work until you are happy and deliver on the dot.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Absolute service satisfaction guaranteed

Client satisfaction is our ultimate quality benchmark. Elite Editing takes every step to ensure our academic editing meets and surpasses your requirements. A rigorous quality assurance system underpins our service, end-to-end. But we believe you deserve further assurance—the absolute confidence that our academic editing will satisfy. So you have our 100 per cent customer satisfaction guarantee. Essentially, this means that we work with you until you’re satisfied with the finished product. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with our academic editing the first time, we will provide:

  • prompt responses to any of your questions and requests for further information
  • free revision and correction of any editing aspect with which you are justifiably dissatisfied
  • unlimited revisions to such editing aspects until you are content (within the bounds of our professional and ethical obligations).

Unable to get satisfaction within our guarantee guidelines? You are welcome to make use of our comprehensive Complaint Resolution process to reach a satisfactory outcome.

100% Delivery Guarantee: Guaranteed to deliver on the dot

Time is of the essence in all academic editing. Elite Editing understands that while we work on your document, the clock is ticking towards your deadline. We believe you should not be expected to place such faith in our services without a comfortable measure of certainty. So we provide this to you as our 100 per cent delivery guarantee. Together, we agree upfront to a set deadline by which your reviewed work will be returned. Quite simply, if we do not meet this deadline we will:

  • provide a complete refund for the project concerned
  • return your document as soon as possible with full academic editing completed.

This 100 per cent delivery guarantee applies equally to our Extra-Urgent Service (once a deadline has been agreed). Such tight turnaround times will not prejudice the quality of academic editing your work receives. Our service level commitment and customer satisfaction guarantee makes sure of that!

Terms and conditions

As with all guarantees, we do need to set some conditions to prevent people from taking advantage of our offers for unfair gain.

Customer satisfaction guarantee

We will revise and correct any aspect of our editing that you identify as a problem free of charge strictly providing that this work falls within the scope of the original project (i.e. we will not revise or edit altered or new content free of charge).

We do not automatically provide a complete re-edit for a document due to the presence of a small number of errors. Rather, we will work with you on the issues you identify until you are happy. Should you be concerned about the overall quality of the edit, you can request a complete re-edit. Our Quality Assurance Manager will re-check the document by putting it through our quality management system to give it a quality score. If the quality score is lower than 90, we will provide a complete re-edit free of charge. If the quality score meets our high standards, we will work to correct and revise the errors you identify.

This guarantee does not imply that we will provide any refund on our service if you are unhappy. Rather, we will work with you to improve the document until you are happy.

Free revisions and corrections must be within the scope of the original job. We do not make revisions and corrections free of charge or to aspects of the document that you change or new work that you include after we have returned the edited document to you. (If you make changes or write new material that requires editing, you will need to submit this to us as a new job.)

The same condition applies to the formatting of your document. We will not make changes to formatting free of charge if you request changes that conflict with the original instructions you provided, or if corrections are required due to changes you have made to the document after receiving it back from us. Please also note that bugs and corruptions in Word files that cause problems with formatting are outside of our control and we do not take responsibility for issues with files that arise after we return them in these cases.

Delivery guarantee

If we do not return your edited document to you by deadline due to our error, we will refund 100 per cent of your payment for that document.

We are considered to have returned your document by the deadline if we have sent it to the email address you provided in your submission form by the deadline stated in our Editing Job Confirmation email. Provided we have done this, we are not considered to have missed the deadline even if:

  • your mailbox is unable to receive the email and we must resend it
  • due to the large size of the file, it does not download to your computer until after the deadline (as this depends on your connection speed and other factors outside our control)
  • you have provided us with an incorrect email address and we need to resend the email
  • we are returning the file via Dropbox and it does not download to your computer until after the deadline (we will send you an email to confirm that we have uploaded the file to Dropbox by the deadline).

Our Extra-Urgent Service is for shorter turnaround times than the Urgent Service. If you need to use this service you must contact us to request this prior to submitting. We must first ensure that an editor is available within your required time frame and agree on a deadline for your job before our delivery guarantee applies.

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