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Why use styles in Microsoft Word?

  Writing your thesis is taxing as it is; and formatting your thesis to make it look neat and consistent is an essential, but often tedious (and sometimes, confusing) part of the thesis-writing process. Good thing Microsoft Word has Styles—a feature that makes formatting much quicker and less complicated. But what exactly is a style? … Read more

Self Editing Your Own Work in Writing: Pros and Cons

Any thesis supervisor will tell you that editing your work is essential. Even if you think you’ve written it perfectly, most proofreading will return at least a few glaring errors. Many people, especially international students, will choose to pay a professional editor to review their work, but many also opt to self-edit. So what are … Read more

Three embarrassing typos… and what you can learn from them

Fine Fined Typo

Typos, spelling mistakes, bad punctuation. Slip-ups happen to the best of us when we’re rushing, tired, under pressure or a bit confused: which is pretty much the description of a stressed out university student writing an essay that’s due soon. At best, they make you look silly and careless. At worst, they can undermine the … Read more