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Thesis Writing

Keeping your writing focused

It’s well known that academic writing must stay focused and that all information included in an essay/thesis should be relevant to the question/topic, but sometimes, that’s easier said than done! So, let’s discuss some strategies that you can use to keep your writing focused and avoid irrelevancies, both when researching and when writing. Analysing the task The first step … Read more

Writing Essays Well: Introductions, Thesis Statements and Topic Sentences

Introductions For the first paragraph of an essay to actually be a proper introduction (in other words, for it to fulfil the requirements of an effective introduction), it must have two elements: 1. a thesis statement 2. a preview or essay plan for the essay. So, what are these two elements? 1. A thesis statement tells the … Read more

What are headings and why are they important?

Definition of heading A heading is a short phrase describing what the succeeding section is all about. You can think of it as the title of that particular section. Short documents usually do not require the use of headings. For theses and other complex readings, however, headings are important because they help readers identify the … Read more

8 Productivity Hacks for Writing Your Thesis

Eat the Frog First

Often considered the domain of tech entrepreneurs and lifestyle gurus, a few well-chosen productivity ‘hacks’ and habits can really boost your thesis and help you maintain momentum during your PhD. Bonus: Click here to download some printable motivational flashcards to help you maintain your productivity throughout the day Eat Breakfast What do athletes, entrepreneurs, nutritionists … Read more

7 Apps to Help You Write Your Thesis

The world of academia can be a little behind the world of technology, but by using just a few of these apps, you can help your thesis along immeasurably. Don’t install them all at once—it can get a bit overwhelming—but test out a couple and see what sticks. All apps listed are free to use. … Read more