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Organisation and Planning

Knowledge Gaps and What to Do with Them

  Novice researches are commonly confronted by gaps in their knowledge. Knowing how to locate, define and address these gaps efficiently can significantly streamline your research and learning process. [thrive_2step id=’1289′]Click here to download a copy of this article[/thrive_2step] Identifying the Gap Have you ever started writing an assignment only to discover you have a … Read more

Best tools and tips for collecting thesis data online

  Since theses are usually built on original research conducted by the PhD candidate, many researchers need to collect a large amount of data—both qualitative and quantitative—to meet the requirements of their doctoral studies. With the ability to connect to thousands—even, potentially, millions—of people via the Internet, in some ways there has never been a … Read more

Top Tips for Tightening Your Academic Writing Style

  Plan your Writing Good planning is an essential part of tight academic writing. Some of the benefits include: a clear idea of the purpose of each section of your document greater directness, brought on by greater confidence in your purpose in writing improved control over your word count lower risk of including extraneous information. … Read more

Organisation and Planning

Organisation and planning are skills that usually need to come together in order to achieve a successful outcome. Planning involves thinking about and preparing tasks that need to be done to achieve specific goals. Planning is a tool to manage a project, a job, an activity or a situation that you are going to undertake. … Read more