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Thesis Writing

How to successfully choose a thesis topic

Your thesis topic not only foreshadows what you will be living with for months but also determines a great deal about your success in academia and in many cases, employment. Choosing a good thesis topic even more stressful for many of us is than the writing! A well-chosen topic that is clear and finely focused … Read more

How to Write a Literature Review

A literature review is an integral part of most theses, of all lengths and across all disciplines. A literature review offers a critical analysis of ‘the literature’ (the body of work) on any particular topic, via identification, classification, comparison, evaluation and synthesis of existing original (or primary) sources, including books and book chapters, journal articles, … Read more

Shortened Words and Phrases, and Symbols

Some writers may find the correct usage of shortened forms confusing. This does not need to be the case: Once they understand a few basic rules, they can easily use these correctly and consistently. In academic writing, we use three categories of shortened forms: shortened words, shortened phrases and symbols. Let’s take a look at each. Shortened … Read more