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Elite Editing Launches $6,000 Thesis Write-up Scholarship

Elite Editing is committed to helping students achieve the highest educational standards possible. We know the financial difficulties that students face, especially in today’s economic climate, and we know that many students need to work to support themselves and their families while studying full time. Having other commitments can make it very difficult to focus on the task of thesis writing and these types of difficulties often cause problems with completing on time. As professional thesis editors, we know better than anyone what troubles students can face as they reach the end of their degrees. We work with thousands of students from across Australia each year and it is often the case that postgrads who have planned to send us their thesis for editing at a certain time need to delay it, and delay it again, due to unforseen difficulties, most often due to being time and resource poor.

It is for this reason that we have established the Elite Editing Thesis Write-up Scholarship. Each year, this scholarship will provide one postgraduate student who doesn’t hold another scholarship with $6,000 tax free (or $3,600 if the student does hold another scholarship) over a period of 12 weeks so they can afford to cease other forms of employment in order to concentrate solely on the task for writing their thesis for that time. We know that it is this type of financial assistance that can make all the difference.

The scholarship is available to all full-time postgraduate research students enrolled at an Australian university, whether domestic or international, internal or external. In some circumstances, part-time students are also eligible to apply. Students may hold another scholarship, but if successful, would receive $3,600 rather than $6,000 so they do not violate the conditions of their first scholarship (which does not allow students to hold two major awards concurrently).

The Elite Editing Thesis Write-up Scholarship will be advertised on the scholarship pages of all Australian university websites. Full details of the scholarship are available on our website here  and applications can be submitted online . Applications open 1 January and close on 30 June each year. The scholarship will be awarded prior to 31 July.

The student who wins the award will be featured on our blog and website each year, and we will publish their thesis abstract to showcase their research.

In fact, any postgraduate students who would like to share their research are welcome to do so on our blog. We are launching a new section for students who wish to publish their thesis outline or abstract on our blog in order to invite discussion, receive feedback or simply share their research with the world. If you are interested in being featured on our blog, please contact us .

Please share this announcement with your friends so as many students as possible have the opportunity to apply for this scholarship.

And make sure you like the Elite Editing Facebook page and subscribe to our blog because there will be plenty more exciting announcements to follow … we can’t give anything away just yet, but we can say that undergraduate students should stay tuned!